Market Review & Outlook – Third Quarter 2015

As the third quarter comes to a close, we are reminded that financial markets don’t always rise, and volatility can attack without warning and as we have just seen, quite swiftly.  When the dust settled, the S&P 500 finished the quarter down 6.4%, corporate bonds lost close to 5%, and emerging market equities would go […]

Mountaineering with the “Best & Brightest”

MOUNTAINEERING WITH THE “BEST & BRIGHTEST” Ron Papa Reports from the “Economic Summit” On October 4, 2011, I attended an “Economic Summit” featuring a panel of eight institutional economists and portfolio strategists, representing different asset allocation approaches as they scaled the lofty peaks of economic turmoil and market uncertainty through 2012.   The following is an […]

Quarterly Economic Update – 1Q 2011

To download the full report, click below: Advisors Economic Update 1Q2011.pdf