New Budget Creates A Social Security & Medicare Gotcha!

PLEASE NOTE: The purpose of this Update is to provide notification that recent proposed legislation, which was passed by both Houses of Congress, could significantly impact Social Security and Medicare.  When the legislation is signed into law, we will offer our assessment and how it may affect your retirement planning. Usually, legislative changes are a […]

The Aged of Aquarius: Social Security & Medicare for Hippies

Can you believe that the oldest baby boomers of the Woodstock Generation, will turn 66 this year?  And many are simply unprepared for the purple haze of retirement.   When you’re 66, you can claim full Social Security benefits; and at 65 most seniors will file for Medicare.  Many advisors presume their clients “look into” Social […]

Kitchen Table Economics

By:  Ronald Papa The debt crisis has brought the government to the “kitchen table” to do something that hard-pressed families do routinely, which is tear their hair out over how to pay the bills. With less than two weeks before a Nov. 23 deadline, Congress’s “super committee” broke new ground this week, as Republicans – […]