Your 2015 Tax Returns: Be Aware As You Prepare

Tax season is upon us and my clients are discovering a whole new world of confusing regulations and complex forms. Here’s some help in  managing your return for the 2015 tax season.   Unfortunately tax rules change constantly, making tax filing even more stressful, especially for uninformed clients. Here are some tips, ideas, and information […]

Market Review & Outlook – Third Quarter 2015

As the third quarter comes to a close, we are reminded that financial markets don’t always rise, and volatility can attack without warning and as we have just seen, quite swiftly.  When the dust settled, the S&P 500 finished the quarter down 6.4%, corporate bonds lost close to 5%, and emerging market equities would go […]

When to Apply for Social Security Benefits

With the demise of guaranteed pensions, and in light of the risks you face in managing your own retirement assets, maximizing Social Security becomes a critical part of retirement planning.   One of the most important decisions a retiree faces is when to apply for Social Security benefits. This is not a decision to be […]

How Baby Boomers Are Reinventing Retirement

Not only have baby boomers reinvented each stage of life as they’ve passed through it, but they’ll also reinvent retirement standards as well, changing the retirement landscape for generations to come.   Over 77 million baby boomers will be turning the ripe old age of 65 this year, prime candidates for retirement; but wait!  Most […]

Ask Ron Papa: Ron Papa Answers Readers’ Tax & Retirement Questions

Legacy Advisors invites our radio our clients, radio show listeners, and blog readers to submit questions they have for Ron through our website or our toll-free hotline: (855) RON-PAPA.  Some of those questions we’ve answered on air or posted on the website. Here are some good ones that we’ve received recently: Q: “Does the new tax […]

Ron Papa’s Thanksgiving Message

Before I get into more somber topics, I want to take this brief moment to wish you all a warm and fulfilling Thanksgiving.  As you finalize your Thanksgiving plans, be sure to reserve a seat at your table for an extra guest:  Uncle Sam. Have you ever asked yourself how much of the cost of […]

401(k)s: When Opting Out Makes Sense

401(k)s: When Opting Out Makes Sense By JEREMY OLSHAN In spite of legislation that has made it more difficult for workers to opt out of their 401(k) plans, as many as one in five do just that. And a surprising number of advisers say that’s not necessarily the wrong choice. No one can be forced […]