Comprehensive Financial Planning

What Comprehensive Financial Planning Includes:

Goal Setting

A well-developed estate and financial plan should hold your goals and values at its center. You’ll be helped to clarify your goals, identify the dollars needed to achieve. them, and develop realistic timelines for their accomplishment. Everything else we do will relate to your goals.

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Net Worth & Investment Portfolio Analysis

Are your investments really working for you? Are they appropriate for your risk tolerance, your tax bracket, and your goals? Are your investments fulfilling their necessary function in your overall net worth? You’ll receive an objective, informed analysis of your portfolio holdings and net worth. There is an initial charge to develop this comprehensive plan and an annual maintenance fee to keep it current with your needs and changing laws.

Asset Allocation Strategy

A great investment strategy provides balance and diversification. Balance hedges you against extreme economic cycles, and appropriate diversification enables you to reduce your portfolio risk while substantially enhancing your return on investments. Your asset allocation strategy will make use of the principles of Modern Portfolio Theory, including strategic vs. tactical, and domestic vs. international exposures.

Fee-Based, Commission-Free Implementation

You will receive specific investment recommendations that utilize a variety of investment choices, such as individually and consolidated managed accounts, no-load, low-expense mutual funds, and exchange-traded funds. In addition to the development of your comprehensive estate and financial plan, we will also receive compensation, paid quarterly from your investment account, based upon the amount of assets under management. This fee will be fully discussed and disclosed in a written Client Service Agreement.

Are you ready to implement a comprehensive financial plan?

Please call us at (781) 421-3204, or e-mail us. We’ll schedule a short telephone meeting so that we can learn what you’ve done in the past; what you want to achieve in the future; and whether working together may be right for us.