Beneficiary Directory Services

One File… One location… One Call.

Do you have a system to organize your important documents that will guide your beneficiaries?
  • Recognize the importance of “intergenerational planning”
  • Avoid a beneficiary crisis by identifying missing, incomplete, or outdated designations
  • Preserve your legacy with clean & clear instructions
  • Avoid delays, interruptions, and heartaches
  • This keeps families together, not apart!

Beneficiary Directory Services

4 Key Questions Most Estate Planners Should Answer… But Don’t!

Where are the missing, outdated, or incomplete documents that could trigger a beneficiary crisis?
  • Original Marriage Certificate
  • Military Discharge Paperwork
  • Organ Donor Card
  • Cemetery Plot Deed
  • Mortgage Discharge Paperwork
  • Safety Deposit Box details
  • Burial Instructions
  • Legal Documents still in the draft stage
  • Outdated beneficiaries on life insurance, annuities, IRA’s, including missing contingent and “per stripes” designations
  • Inappropriate or unavailable trustee’s & executors
How will they find these important documents?
  • Create a separate offsite digital file of scanned docs
  • Usually at our office or online if you subscribe to our “vaulting” services.
Who will have access to these documents?
  • Create an “access list” for each document
  • Designate under which circumstances (disability; death) they may access
Who will be your “access administrator”, that “one call”?
  • Competent, knowledgeable, & experienced
  • Someone who understands your legacy wishes, and is a trusted advisor

There is an initial cost to construct your Beneficiary Directory, and a nominal update fee.

Are you ready to set up a system to guide your beneficiaries?

Please call us at (781) 421-3204, or e-mail us. We’ll schedule a short telephone meeting so that we can learn what you’ve done in the past; what you want to achieve in the future; and whether working together may be right for us.