The 5-Point WealthCare Workup

The 5-Point WealthCare Workup

5 Point WealthCare WorkUp

To make the most out of the best years of your life, we first must find out how we can enrich your today’s and ensure your tomorrows.

Just as your doctor performs a check-up,  we’ll conduct a 5-Point “WealthCare” Workup that includes:

1. Asset Analysis: – We “assess your symptoms” by analyzing your current assets from an investment, tax and legal perspective.

2. Retirement Analyzer:  We’ll generate a six‐page Risk Profile and

  • compare you to a baseline study of over 600,000 parcipants. We then
  • perform a “Financial Stress‐Test,” inputtng your income, assets and expense worksheet into our unique retirement analyzer sofware. This gives us a window to what your retrement years will look like afterer taxes and inflation.

3. Planning Scenarios:   This is our “diagnosis” stage.  We’ll review various planning scenarios and then recommend and implement suitable portfolio & income strategies to address these future needs.

4. Tax Planning:  We’ll analyze the financial “side effects” of taxes on the strategies we choose.  Remember:  It’s not what you make that counts, it’s what you keep.

5. Legal Planning: Our wealthcare “follow-up” ‐ we integrate a Free Consultation with one of our experienced estate attorneys to make sure your financial and legal documents withstand the complications of disability and death. We ensure our clients create a legacy across future generations.

If you would like to schedule a 5-Point WealthCare Work-up, please provide your information in the form below:

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