Interview with Beneficiary Directory Author, Mark Kaizerman – Part Two

Part 2 of Ron Papa’s interview with CPA and Financial Planner, Mark Kaizerman, about his system for organizing and managing crucial documents that will guide beneficiaries. THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERGENERATIONAL PLANNING: RON:  You know how these issues don’t really come up until the 11th hour when we’re on the precipice… and people are grieving, exhausted… […]

Interview with Beneficiary Directory Author, Mark Kaizerman – Part One

Ron Papa talks with CPA and Financial Planner, Mark Kaizerman, about his Beneficiary Directory: a personal system to organize important documents and guide beneficiaries. I recently interviewed Mark Kaizerman who has written a wonderful book called the Beneficiary Directory.  It’s a personal system to organize your important documents and guide your beneficiaries. I think it’s […]

Case Studies: Long-Term Care Planning – Part Two

Part Two of a real-life case study from Ron Papa’s own files.  We’re calling the clients “Jack & Jill” – Names we use to protect the innocent. In Part One of this case study, we were talking about Jack who lost Jill last year from a long bout with Alzheimer’s. When Jill was ill, the […]

How Baby Boomers Are Reinventing Retirement

Not only have baby boomers reinvented each stage of life as they’ve passed through it, but they’ll also reinvent retirement standards as well, changing the retirement landscape for generations to come.   Over 77 million baby boomers will be turning the ripe old age of 65 this year, prime candidates for retirement; but wait!  Most […]

Financial & Estate Planning Experts Answer Questions about Medicaid & Irrevocable Trusts

Ron Papa, President of Legacy Advisors, addresses guests at a special Roundtable Brunch with featured speaker Attorney Matt Albanese in a Q&A session. Early this spring, Legacy Advisors hosted a brunch with special guest, Matt Albanese, a Milton-based attorney who specializes in Estate Law.  At the end of their talk, attendees posed some really good […]

What I Learned from Caddying: How Golf Influenced My Life and Shaped Who I am Today

The more you get to know people, the more you realize that we’re all really not that different.  I’d like to share with you some of the core beliefs that I consider important.  I don’t want to get too preachy…just simple and to the point. I guess you could say that most everything I needed […]