Important Year-End Tax Reminder

As the holidays approach, we are all looking forward to visits with family and friends, shopping, home cooked meals, and tax planning. What?? Yes, tax planning. While taxes are not due until April, now is the time to make moves that will help you reduce your taxes.  To help with this Legacy Advisors has its […]

Naughty or Nice?

Ever since Gordon Gekko told us that “Greed was good,” Americans have justified their love affair with their stock market investments.  This year they have embraced a new mantra: “SIN IS IN.”   Believe it or not, “socially irresponsible,” or “vice” stocks – which include, drinking, smoking and gambling stocks – seem to be paying off […]

When Uncertainty & Unknowing Collide

When Uncertainty and Unknowing Collide If you can believe it, Donald Rumsfeld has stated:  “As we know, there are known knowns. There are things we know we know.  We also know there are known unknowns. That is to say we know there are some things we do not know.  But there are also unknown unknowns, […]

Ron Papa’s Thanksgiving Message

Before I get into more somber topics, I want to take this brief moment to wish you all a warm and fulfilling Thanksgiving.  As you finalize your Thanksgiving plans, be sure to reserve a seat at your table for an extra guest:  Uncle Sam. Have you ever asked yourself how much of the cost of […]

Year-End RMD Tax Alert

It’s that time of year, and we must focus on our Required Distributions from our retirement plans.  This alert is simply a reminder to check that your requirement has been fulfilled.   As you know, failure to distribute this required amount by December 31 of each year could result in a 50% tax penalty! For our […]

Semper Fidelis – Always Faithful

The media bonfires are still blazing and this week has provided them the expected quota of dry kindling to keep them smoldering…Herman Cain’s trial by court of public opinion…Rick Perry’s “oops”…Occupy Harvard Yaaad…Italy’s “Crisi Economico”…not to mention the Penn State/ Paterno scandal!   What a sensational, undignified mess.   How far have we descended into the abyss […]

Kitchen Table Economics

By:  Ronald Papa The debt crisis has brought the government to the “kitchen table” to do something that hard-pressed families do routinely, which is tear their hair out over how to pay the bills. With less than two weeks before a Nov. 23 deadline, Congress’s “super committee” broke new ground this week, as Republicans – […]

Stumbling with the Stars

Don’t Procrastinate JIMI HENDRIX left a substantial legacy from a brilliant musical career, only to have your family members wage a lengthy legal battle over it nearly forty years after his death. When we pass on without even a simple will, we can create big probate headaches. Finish What You Start MICHAEL JACKSON set up […]

Shocktober 2011

Here is a compelling commentary about October’s market rebound from Wayne Schmitt, the Chief Investment Officer for Gradient Investments in Minneapolis, MN. He is someone I view as a very bright and capable professional and a trusted friend. –   Ron P. Shocktober 2011 November 1, 2011   Octobers have a long history of scaring investors […]

2011 Tax Moves You Can Bank On

As you know, Legacy Advisors is a comprehensive wealth management firm that provides more than just investment and portfolio management advice.  The fourth quarter of each year always offers unique tax planning opportunities that may ease the burden we all bear each April 15.  Year-end tax management strategies such as actively managing short-term gains, utilizing […]