Is There a Bond Bull Fight in the Post Trump/Pre-Yellen Arena?

With the exception of an increase in consumer spending in liquor sales due to the “despair of Clinton supporters,” the pundits predicted Trump-Ageddon. The experts were wrong again; instead, stock markets soared and bond prices crashed, the latter suffering a ferocious and mind-boggling $1.29 trillion sell-off.  The uncertainty generated by the election has brought about […]

Trumpocalypse? News of Our Demise Has Been Greatly Exaggerated…

Markets fell sharply after Franklin Roosevelt and Barack Obama were elected, and then later both these presidents presided over bull markets.  Their record suggests that Donald Trump won’t necessarily be a market’s boogeyman. The sun has come up; and regardless of your political affiliations, we can all agree that last night’s election night was a […]

The Market Impact of the Brexit Vote

By now you probably would’ve heard that, in a very heated referendum, voters in Britain have decided that the country should exit the European Union. Obviously, there are going to be some immediate and longer-term impacts in the global markets.  More importantly, you’re probably more concerned about how that affects your portfolio now and in […]

Armageddon on a Pita Roll

Is the Market Expecting Armageddon on a Pita Roll? Did you know there’s a Great Depression taking place?  Not here in the United States, but in Greece. The cradle of Western democracy has tumbled hard in the past six years, and it looks like it has a lot more pain to bear.  Why is Greece […]

Photo Highlights from Our Annual Client Holiday Party 2014

On December 4, 2014 we hosted our annual client holiday celebration at the Black Rock Country Club in Hingham.  Ron & Sharyn Papa treated their clients to a buffet dinner and a comedy/magic show put on by award-winning professional Magician and Entertainer, Matt Roberts.  We thank our guests for making the event a joyful and […]

Wealthcare Workup Point #2: Retirement Analyzer

Ron Papa, President of Legacy Advisors in Norwell, explains how each point in his “wealthcare” workup comes together to provide a comprehensive approach to retirement planning. A Financial Stress Test – Using the RETIREMENT ANALYZER Tool The second point or stage in my “5-Point Wealthcare Workup” is the Retirement Analyzer.  That’s the point when we […]

Our Nation’s Heroes Golf Tournament – Pembroke Country Club

Last month I was honored to participate in the Boston Chapter of the Salute Military Golf Association’s first  “Our Nation’s Heroes Golf Tournament.”  This is an event that the SMGA held to support golfing programs for veterans and raise awareness of the capabilities of disabled veterans and civilians alike who benefit from the ability to […]

Case Studies: Long-Term Care Planning – Part One

A “Jack & Jill” case study from Ron Papa’s own files that highlights what clients can expect when they seek the advice of a professional wealth coach. Creating a solid retirement plan is not a one-size-fits all, as no two financial plans are alike.  Some people can tolerate risk better than others.  Some need guarantees […]

Financial & Estate Planning Experts Answer Questions about Medicaid & Irrevocable Trusts

Ron Papa, President of Legacy Advisors, addresses guests at a special Roundtable Brunch with featured speaker Attorney Matt Albanese in a Q&A session. Early this spring, Legacy Advisors hosted a brunch with special guest, Matt Albanese, a Milton-based attorney who specializes in Estate Law.  At the end of their talk, attendees posed some really good […]

2011 Legacy Advisors Holiday Brunch – Photo Slideshow

Ron and Sharyn Papa wish to thank all who came to this year’s Holiday Brunch at the Blackrock Golf Club on December 10, 2011 for making the event a very festive one. Here are some photo highlights.  Enjoy! And Merry Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, and Happy New Year to all clients and friends of Legacy Advisors! […]