Restoring Trust in the Financial Planning Industry

In tumultuous economic times, and after numerous financial scandals and stories of outrageous financial prophets, more than a few fortunes were soon parted from their unknowing owners. The financial services industry has always had a black eye.  A Harris Interactive poll was done a few years ago asking Americans whether they trust the advice they’re […]

It’s Not What You Know, It’s What You Don’t Do…

Traditional Financial Advice Has Failed – And the Statistics Prove It:   More than 95% of the population is failing to retire with financial security. – U.S. Department of Health Education and Welfare For the twenty years ending in 2013, the S&P 500 Index averaged 9.22% a year. The average equity fund investor earned a […]

Getting Real about Funding Long-Term Care

Women are especially vulnerable financially because they have longer life expectancies than men, and are often left without enough savings after their spouses pass on. According to a “Women and Long-Term Care” fact sheet published by AARP: Over 70% of nursing home residents are women 70% of women 75 or older are widowed, divorced, or […]

Wealthcare Workup Point #2: Retirement Analyzer

Ron Papa, President of Legacy Advisors in Norwell, explains how each point in his “wealthcare” workup comes together to provide a comprehensive approach to retirement planning. A Financial Stress Test – Using the RETIREMENT ANALYZER Tool The second point or stage in my “5-Point Wealthcare Workup” is the Retirement Analyzer.  That’s the point when we […]

Wealthcare Workup Point #1: Asset Analysis

Ron Papa, President of Legacy Advisors in Norwell, explains how each point in his “wealthcare” workup comes together to provide a comprehensive approach to retirement planning.   Assessing Symptoms or ASSET ANALYSIS: The first point in my 5-Point Wealthcare Workup is Asset Analysis:  that’s where we analyze your current assets from an investment, tax and […]

Interview with Beneficiary Directory Author, Mark Kaizerman – Part Two

Part 2 of Ron Papa’s interview with CPA and Financial Planner, Mark Kaizerman, about his system for organizing and managing crucial documents that will guide beneficiaries. THE IMPORTANCE OF INTERGENERATIONAL PLANNING: RON:  You know how these issues don’t really come up until the 11th hour when we’re on the precipice… and people are grieving, exhausted… […]

Case Studies: Long-Term Care Planning – Part Two

Part Two of a real-life case study from Ron Papa’s own files.  We’re calling the clients “Jack & Jill” – Names we use to protect the innocent. In Part One of this case study, we were talking about Jack who lost Jill last year from a long bout with Alzheimer’s. When Jill was ill, the […]

How Baby Boomers Are Reinventing Retirement

Not only have baby boomers reinvented each stage of life as they’ve passed through it, but they’ll also reinvent retirement standards as well, changing the retirement landscape for generations to come.   Over 77 million baby boomers will be turning the ripe old age of 65 this year, prime candidates for retirement; but wait!  Most […]

Financial & Estate Planning Experts Answer Questions about Medicaid & Irrevocable Trusts

Ron Papa, President of Legacy Advisors, addresses guests at a special Roundtable Brunch with featured speaker Attorney Matt Albanese in a Q&A session. Early this spring, Legacy Advisors hosted a brunch with special guest, Matt Albanese, a Milton-based attorney who specializes in Estate Law.  At the end of their talk, attendees posed some really good […]

Ask Ron Papa: Ron Papa Answers Readers’ Tax & Retirement Questions

Legacy Advisors invites our radio our clients, radio show listeners, and blog readers to submit questions they have for Ron through our website or our toll-free hotline: (855) RON-PAPA.  Some of those questions we’ve answered on air or posted on the website. Here are some good ones that we’ve received recently: Q: “Does the new tax […]