Our Company

We measure success not by the money we make,
but by the quality of life enjoyed by those we serve.

Legacy Advisors Wealth Management is an independent, “fee-based” Registered Investment Advisor, and through our sister corporation, an insurance brokerage firm – not affiliated with, nor employed by, any broker/dealer. We provide comprehensive wealth management and preservation services for retirees and investors.  We advocate a “team approach” philosophy.  When necessary, we consult qualified third-party affiliates for their recommendations. Our standards dictate that our affiliates must act as fiduciaries and be “masters” in their respective fields of elder and estate law, taxation, insurance, and investment management.

What to Expect

You will experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial and estate life is organized.

  • We help you make better financial  and estate decisions
  • We’ll devise a dynamic financial and estate plan for you – one that is a unique as you are, one that changes with your circumstances
  • You will save on taxes.
  • You will save on fees. We are committed to providing value that exceeds the fee.

Together we will complete a review of each of the financial and estate planning areas, and decide what changes are appropriate and consistent with your goals. We will make specific and simple recommendations for implementation, and then be there to encourage, explain and guide as you follow through.

In the short run, you will experience the peace of mind that comes from knowing your financial life is organized. Because of our close association, you will know that you are not alone in striving to meet your goals. We take a real interest in insuring your success and are available to help meet whatever challenges come along the way.

In the long run, your assets will be maximized through careful and informed investing. We will develop an emergency plan to help reduce the effect of unforeseeable circumstances. Predictable future financial events, such as retirement, are anticipated and planned for so that they are welcomed, not viewed as a crisis.

Why Choose Legacy Advisors?

In the rapidly-expanding world of financial and estate planning and investing, we offer expertise with a personal touch. We believe that developing a comprehensive financial and estate plan reaps rewards for our clients.

Are you ready to work together?

Please call us at (781) 421-3204, or e-mail us. We’ll schedule a short telephone meeting so that we can learn what you’ve done in the past; what you want to achieve in the future; and whether working together may be right for us.